42 Year Old Mum Opens Up About How She Effortlessly Shed 5.4kg In a Month After Taking This Quiz

Kristen lost 5.4 kg of fat in just ONE MONTH. After years of failed diets, she stumbled upon The Weight Loss Type Quiz and decided to take the FREE test. After getting her results and seeing what other women with her same Weight Loss Type were doing to lose weight, she decided to follow their recommendations for 1 month and document the process. We recently caught up with her to hear her amazing story.

WR: Kristen, where did you first hear about the Weight Loss Type Quiz?

Kristen: I first decided to take the quiz and find my Weight Loss Type after a friend of mine recommended it to me. She took the quiz herself and was blown away by how much sense her results made to her. She wouldn't shut up about it for over a week so I finally took the test so she would stop bothering me lol.

WR: Why were you hesitant at first? 

Kristen: There are so many different fad diets and "lose weight fast" programs out there that I figured it was just another gimmick. I had tried several popular diets in the past and they barely made any difference- my friends would lose 2kg in the first week but I would only lose 1kg in a month if I was lucky! 

WR: Right after you completed the test and learned about your Weight Loss Type, what were your first thoughts?

Kristen: Don't tell my annoying friend but she was right... The results made so much sense! Learning about how losing weight is unique to each individual really made me think about the past when diets worked for my friends but not me.