The “Whole 30” Meal Plan Explained

The Whole30 is a meal plan designed for a complete month. This meal plan is designed to help you erase your bad eating habits by removing those foods that are dangerous to your health i.e. those foods that will make you feel crappy. Some of these foods are those that are hard to give up like grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, and alcohol.

Once you are committed to the Whole30 meal plan, you are likely to break up with dessert-every-night, booze-filled diet and carb-fueled diet that you have been eating for the past few months and instead change them with vegetables and clean proteins.

What can you eat? During the Whole30 meal plan, what you can eat include meat (burger and no bun), poultry (chicken and sausage), veggies (as many as you can eat), fish (including the canned ones), fruits (you won’t develop tooth decay), fats (like avocados), and black coffee. There are so many other store-bought foods that are approved to be part of the Whole30 meal plan.

What you can’t eat? There are some foods that are not allowed during the Whole30 meal plan. Some of these include sugar or artificial or natural sweeteners, no booze, no grains, no smoking, no soy, beans or legumes, no peanut butter or chickpeas, no dairy (don’t forget that cheese is dairy), and no processed additives (sulfites, carrageenan, MSG).



The Benefits of Whole30 Meal Plan

Before you decide not to follow the Whole30 meal plan, you need to see the benefits that make it worth it. Although not everything on this list will happen to you, they are the most common benefits that happen to those who follow the Whole30 meal plan. Some of these benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Higher energy levels
  • Transformed taste buds
  • Improved skin appearance. No more teen acne in the 30s
  • More effective workouts, you will be able to walk a mile or more
  • There will be no digestive problems and you will poop twice a day
  • Improved and quality sleep with enough wake-up energy for exercise
  • Improved health conditions and headaches can now happen when you are hungover



Why is the meal plan 30 Days?

Why is it not 27 or 43 days? It is a good compromise to use thirty days. Although it takes up to 66 days for someone to get used to a habit but telling someone to do this for that long will be pretty intimidating. The 30 days is long enough to experience the results of this meal plan but it is not so long that you will be afraid to get started.



Follow the Whole30 Meal Plan Rules

No cheating here. Since you will like to get the whole benefits of this plan, you need to give your body the whole break it deserves from foods that are not so healthy. It is recommended to start over if a glass of wine slip over during the Whole30 meal plan. Doing this will make you get the whole benefit of the meal plan.